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Roll & Replace Action -

Roll & Replace Action allows your guards to exploit defensive confusion in the screen and roll game, while providing scoring options at the rim and on the perimeter. It is a simple ball screen action that can create numerous scoring chances when the players learn to read the defense.

At the High School level, you often run into the problem of having post players who are useful on the defensive end of the floor but struggle to contribute offensively. What I like best about Roll & Replace Action is that it would allow me to use non-dominant “post players” in a more natural way. These “non-dominant” post players can sometimes clog the lane in attempting to post up or become a non-factor sitting in the drop zone on the baseline. In Roll & Replace Action those post-players would be able to play to their strengths by setting screens, rolling to the hoop, and hunting the high/low entry pass.

Your guards will find scoring opportunities as the ball handler in screen & roll action and through the quick pitch pass when the defense helps off the corner. If your guards are not excellent creators off the dribble this ball screen can give your offense the chance to create advantages when the defense miscommunicates. Although making reads off of the ball screen action can be difficult, with the help of some simple teaching points we can train the ball handler to make the right decisions.

I don’t believe there is a specific set of personnel that exclusively fits with Roll & Replace Action, but I do think that the action is flexible enough to allow coaches to adjust the movements to best fit your personnel.

Table of Contents:

  • Why Roll & Replace?
  • Roll & Replace design
  • Scoring Options
    • Ball Handler, Roll Man, Corner Players, & Replace Man
  • Backside Options
    • Swing Pass, DHO Options
  • Connect to transition
    • Dual Rim Runner & Pitch Ahead Return Pass
  • Complementary Sets
    • Elbow & Pop Action
  • Coach Teaching Points
    • 15 Helpful Hints to Various Players in the Concept
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With the Roll & Replace Action product youll get a detailed Blog Post which breaks down the scoring options of the concept, how to flow into it from Transition Offense, the Teaching Points needed maximize efficiency, and two offensive sets that can be used alongside the action.

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22 Page Blog Post
Teaching Points Breakdown Video
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Roll & Replace Action

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